It’s been a great experience be in cebu, thre a lot of place to visit.its a great year to meet any people knowing that they live in deffirent places like,negros,bohol,bantayan cebu,leyte,taccloban ect..looking for a place where we can enjoy the malls,the park and either markets in colon,and number 1 destinations every sunday was basilica de santonino download (4).jpg

soon i’ll be back Cebu



Cebu’s Sinulog Festival 2017 Schedule of Activities


Sinulog Festival 2017 of Cebu is a week-long celebration of religious and cultural significance. It commemorates the first Christian baptism in the Philippines in 1521 during Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition. As a baptismal gift to Hara Amihan, the wife of the Cebu chieftain, Magellan gave an image of the Santo Niño or the Child Jesus. The expedition left Cebu several days later after Magellan died in a battle in neighboring Mactan Island. Continue reading